Cultural events by Ukrainian artists and companies

Bring a flower on March 16, 2023

commemoration of the bombing of the Mariupol Theater

The agenda will feature the works of individual Ukrainian artists and companies.
The current invasion of the Russian army in Ukraine resulted in the current diaspora.
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Demonstrations in various cities in the Netherlands
Photo: Amsterdam Dam square, 24 February 2023


Benefit dance performance Ukraine: Light in Darkness

Light in Darkness


'I'm not a soldier, but I want to fight. An artist has the power to tilt public opinion. Art is political. Why don't we use it to fight the evils of this world?”

Vlad Detiuchenko, choreographer and dancer from Kyiv


Pentagon blocks sharing evidence from Ukraine

The Pentagon is blocking the Biden administration from sharing with the International Criminal Court in The Hague evidence gathered by U.S. intelligence agencies about Russian atrocities in Ukraine, according to current and former officials briefed on the matter.
U.S. military leaders oppose such help because they fear setting a precedent that might help pave the way for the court to prosecute Americans. The rest of the administration favors giving the evidence to the court, the officials said. President Biden has yet to resolve the impasse, they added.
The evidence is said to include details relevant to an investigation that the chief prosecutor of the court, Karim Khan, began after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

The information reportedly includes material about decisions by Russian officials to deliberately target civilian infrastructure and to abduct thousands of Ukrainian children from occupied territory.


Janet Yellen visiting Ukraine

Ukrainians are fighting for their lives on the front lines of the free world. Today, and every day, they deserve America’s unyielding support,”

Janet Yellen, Monday February 27


“Victory will be inevitable”

I am certain there will be victory.”

Our 24/2 'A MUST READ'

From 'Letters of an American'
by Heather Cox Richardson

Images: from the DNA database


The People's Story

From a thriving city to a war-torn ruin. The people of Mariupol share powerful and shocking stories of bravery, loss and determination as the Ukraine war unfolded.

The documentary can be viewed with Dutch subtitles on 2DOC Till February 7, between 8PM and 6AM.

The documentary can also be viewed in at BBC (BBC iPlayer only works in the UK)


As Russians Steal Ukraine’s Art, They Attack Its Identity, Too

Russian forces have looted tens of thousands of pieces, including avant-garde oil paintings and Scythian gold. Experts say it is the biggest art heist since the Nazis in World War II, intended to strip Ukraine of its cultural heritage.

SOURCE: the New York Times

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By Jeffrey Gettleman and Oleksandra Mykolyshyn
Jan. 14, 2023


Russian forces ‘reconstructing’ Mariupol drama theatre, potentially covering war crimes

Under the guise of reconstruction for “historical value,” the Russian forces are quickly rebuilding the theater, Petro Andriushchenko, the advisor to the Mariupol mayor, reports. According to Andriushchenko, the Russian forces are hiding evidence from when they bombed the theater on March 16, killing an estimated 300 people who were hiding and awaiting evacuation.
On June 29, Amnesty International called the attack a “clear war crime.”


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 Read the BBC Newspage, 23 december 2022


IDFA Pathway: Ukraine

Pathway: Ukraine

February 24 of this year marks a new reality on the global geopolitical field. The Russian invasion of Ukraine added a new tragic chapter to the war started in 2014. The films in this pathway will carry us to Ukraine over the past few years, they will introduce us to Ukrainian people, old and young, civilians and armed, and will help us see the human condition in war, the resilience of those under extreme danger and hardship, and our own compassion.



The Mariupol Theater actors

Mariupol Drama Theatre actors who managed to escape and are working now on creating a documentary performance based on their own memories
At present the Mariupol Drama Theatre is based in Uzhgorod, Zakarpattia region, it has a new director and some actors working there are those who managed to survive the bombing of the theatre in Mariupol. This new documentary performance is defined as storytelling Mariupol Drama.

Маріупольський драмтеатр: вистава на спогадах акторів / Mariupol Drama Theater: a performance based on the memories of the actors


Save life

Save Life foundation supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine by financing solely defense initiatives. Since 2014, Savelife provided about 4.400 thermal imagers and more than 3.000 drones. In addition to financial aid, the Savelife support increased the technological level of the army with the help of 2.800 tablets with Armor software, that helps our soldiers to fire from a covered position.



Assisting Artists at Risk

Assisting Artists whose Freedom and Lives are at Risk



 Emergency Red List of Cultural Objects at Risk

The International Council of Museums (ICOM) has launched the Emergency Red List of Cultural Objects at Risk – Ukraine in an effort to help protect endangered cultural heritage of Ukraine for future generations in light of the recent invasion by Russian forces.


Non-Residential Fellowships for Scholars from Ukraine

In recognition of the need for urgent support of Ukraine’s intellectual community in the face of Russia’s war of aggression, the Institute for Human Sciences (IWM, Vienna), the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University (HURI), and the Harriman Institute at Columbia University have partnered to offer non-residential fellowships for Ukrainian scholars, cultural figures, and public intellectuals.

These fellowships provide a one-time stipend of 5000 EUR to support recipients’ intellectual activities.



Special Grants to Museums and Museum Professionals

Support to Museums and Museum Professionals in/from Ukraine.
ICOM is offering a Special Grants round in response to the war in Ukraine and its impacts on neighbouring countries.
It is open to those countries which are supporting, or wanting to support, Ukrainian museums and museum professionals.



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