The Mariupol Agora project

symbol of reconstruction and a virtual meeting place


The Mariupol Theater as a symbol of reconstruction and a cultural meeting place.

The Agora for the International Arts Community and the General Public.
A virtual museum built around the scene, showing our world in its worst period at the beginning of this century.
The center of the museum - the Agora - will be the theatre, which will showcase the Ukrainian culture and serve as a memorial to the Ukrainian fight for their freedom and our democracy.

The offfical opening of the Virtual Museum is scheduled for June 2023





Published current works, facts, performances, exhibitions and other relevant information.


Demonstration at Dam square
24 February 2023
for freedom, democracy and Ukrainian culture


No country should be able to attack its neighbor, slaughter its people, and steal its lands at will.

Ukraine’s battle to throw off a Russian invasion is a defense of the rules-based international system.






The virtual Museum and Theater as a symbol of the fight for freedom and democracy.



The idea and vision that led to the project of the Mariupol Virtual Museum and Theater is the brutal destruction of life and cultural infrastructure in Ukraine by the Russian occupier.

Culture cannot be destructed by weapons because we carry it in our minds and our virtual museum represents the spiritual strength of human creativity.

The true expression of cultures can be found in our intangible heritage.
Music, theatre, stories, rituals and more: the performing arts in its broadest sense.

We create the tool to assemble all scattered ideas, visions and performances together in one virtual museum. will act as an intermediary for artists to obtain funding for productions that fit the Agora objectives.

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About the L'viv Quadrennial of Scenography

This play was a part of the festival L’viv Quadrennial of Scenography conducted by Scenography Gallery in 2021

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MAY, 2022

President Zelensky: 'Soon there will be two Victory Days in Ukraine'


ROAD MAP foundation is fully responsible for the development and maintenance of the Virtual Museum and Theater.
The first participating representatives are writing the scenario and roadmap of the project.
Institutions and people working in the field of performing arts and/or theater architecture are invited to apply.
The foundation editorial board will then contact you and discuss possible cooperation.
Editorial and content will be orchestrated by the Ukrainian Institute



Funds that want to join forces and help financially with the physical reconstruction of the Mariupol Theater after de-occupation, are invited. will support and/or coordinate such actions if appropriate.

However, in the current situation, the Ukrainian Institute will soon posting an Open Call to artists and national art institutions to participate in the construction of the Virtual Museum as a symbol of support for Ukrainian culture. With online 'daily' virtual performances of music and theater we can keep the fight for freedom and democracy alive.



 The platform is maintained by the Dynamic Archive team (Netherlands). has had its own database since January 14 and will take over maintenance step by step.

Website officially opened on Sunday September 11, 2022.
Thet first project will be presented during the 15th edition of Prague Quadrennial on 8-18 June 2023


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