Melancholy Waltz

'Melancholy Waltz'* by scenographer Lyubov Dushyna:

It is a feminist story of a small, but very talented woman who wanted to live a life with two creative natures similar to her... But she was pressured by society, the need to get married, at least somehow, so as not to be condemned by those around her and her family ...She lost her dream about a Viennese musical career as a pianist, the only love of her life, which supported her.

But when a string snapped on her only friend and advisor, the royal, her heart suddenly stopped. The neighbors in the apartment buried her, but their women's manifestos went with her. Such a strange tragedy with a light heart from the outstanding Ukrainian fighter for women's rights and the unique writer Olga Kobylyanska.

The three chairs in Lyuba's scenography are three women with their place in society. At each of them, the actress seemed to present their views on life for consideration.
Withered leaves mean lost sunny hopes.
Milk drops - the cosmos in which there is an independent and talented woman.
Flute is an alter ego.
Egg - a great philosophical question and objection (What, exactly, before?)
Stone - society.

Here, each character is the protagonist of the play. Because Lyuba wanted the text and music to only give hints, and the objects to play with our imagination.

Musical performance "Melancholy Waltz", Evolution through revolution at the Lviv Quadriennale of Scenography 2021. 

Based on Olga Kobylyanska's novella "Melancholy Waltz"
Author of scenography Lyubov Dushyna (Kharkiv)
Director-producer and author of the script based on the novel - Tetyana Voronova
Three women - Tetyana Voronova,
Soul - Vyacheslav Rodionov.
The performance uses the music of F. Chopin and V. Stepurk, the folk song to the words of I. Franko "I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

shooting by Anton Vanchak, Oleg Vanchak
edited by Anton Vanchak