Agora as the centre stage




The Virtual Museum and theater as a symbol of the struggle for freedom and democracy
with the aim of reconstructing the theater and building the museum as a memorial to the current criminal Russian occupation.


centre stage




The idea and vision that led to the project of the Mariupol Virtual Museum and Theater is the brutal destruction of life and cultural infrastructure in Ukraine by the Russian occupier.

Culture cannot be destructed by weapons because we carry it in our minds and our virtual museum represents the spiritual strength of human creativity.

The true expression of cultures can be found in our intangible heritage.
Music, theatre, stories, rituals and more: the performing arts in its broadest sense.

We create the tool to assemble all scattered ideas, visions and performances together in one virtual museum. will act as an intermediary for artists to obtain funding for productions that fit the Agora objectives.

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May, 2022

President Zelensky: 'Soon there will be two Victory Days in Ukraine'


Road map foundation is fully responsible for the development and maintenance of the Virtual Museum and Theater.
The first participating representatives are writing the scenario and roadmap of the project.
Institutions and people working in the field of performing arts and/or theater architecture are invited to apply.
The foundation editorial board will then contact you and discuss possible cooperation.
Editorial and content will be orchestrated by the Ukrainian Institute


work in progress

 The platform is maintained by the Dynamic Archive team (Netherlands). has had its own database since January 14 and will take over maintenance step by step.